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Old 18th May 2003
Originally posted by Dave Derr
That Summit/NEVE product looks like such a great idea and the switches with the built in display were something I was looking at using, when that piece came out.! I love the idea of it. It would be a tad expensive to make a console out of em tho!

Do you find it as fun to use as it looks, and as good sounding as you would expect?? I played with it at an AES show but that doesnt count.? Its a very different product for Rupert.
Hi Dave,

Yes its fun to use.

With the plug in you have better control though(not just the fixed settings).

As an EQ I love it. Its not the traditional Neve sound, but hey there are plenty of 10**'s around for that.

Its cleaner and a little leaner, but its definitely useful.

The mic pre is not as magical as his other stuff.

For a long time I used the GML 8200 to finish the lead vocals off when mixing(after all of the processing). But since I got the MPE-200, its taken over that job. And when mixing in PT its a god send. If i have to make a quick change on a vocal(maybe weeks later) I can just recall the settings with the PT session and snap!! Its up.

Its actually excellent on a lot of instruments.

I think the software controlled Distressor is something that I would definitely add to my arsenal.