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Old 18th May 2003
Originally posted by alphajerk

have you used the cs3k? how does it sound?

If you are used to using DAW's then its pretty easy. I actually liked mixing on them. But I am used to mixing on both, I could see where if you are used to the traditional way of mixing, it could be a problem.

To me the CS3K's sound like SSL's.

The EQ's and dynamics aren't as musical(more on the sterile digital sound) but if you are used to the DAW plug ins than it may not bother you.

There is actually another console out there which i've found is similar(not as pretty or as expensive) but similar(Digitally controlled analog) the Tactile M4000. I am thinking about picking it up for my production studio. No dynamics, but everything else is resetable.

This helps alot when you are mixing/producing more than one song at a time.