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Old 28th January 2010
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I'm in the UK and I have been trying to find equivalents to 703 and 705 Owens-Corning in the UK.

Take a look at this datasheet for Rockwool:

on page 2 you have a list of "types and densities"
on page 3 there is a table of "absorption coefficients"

in a nutshell:
Rockwool RWA45 = 45 kg/m3
Rockwool RW3 = 60 kg/m3
Rockwool RW5 = 100 kg/m3
Rockwool RW6 = 140 kg/m3

You can buy all of these types off ebay UK, just do a search for "Rockwool RW6" for example.

All I need to do now is work out which type of basstrap to build and which desity to use

Hope this helps