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I've been recording with an LA610 MKII lately, every overdub on a record actually...
And I've had an early M610 for years. I really love the LA MKII, it sounds fantastic to me.
Just leave the compressor engaged even when you're not using it too much. Huge
sounding like that! I don't ever dig in very far with the comp. Although it works
extremely well, the tone is just too wonderful when it's barely engaged. Shrinks up
a little too small for me when I really dig in with the comp, but it's a smooth comp!

But yeah... tons of sonic options. It can take a while to dial in, and even though I have
years of experience with this preamp I still don't always nail it. Very easy on the 610 to
think you have the greatest sound, then listen back the next day and realize you pushed
it into distortion when you didn't want to. But I still love it, it's a great sound when you
get it right.

Vocal chain for me on these recordings is Rode NT2000 into the LA610MKII : YUMMY