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The 610 for me was a preamp which i needed time to really appreciate it. I remember the first time i heard it i wasnt impressed, however by experimenting with it on several sources, playing with the impedance switch, the input gain, the eq, and the compressor, i really ended up loving it. This preamp has a lot of colors, the trick is to find the color that best suits what you are recording.

For me UA preamps, are probably some of the most collored pieces of equipment out there, they can become dirty sounding very very easily, the trick is to find the sweet spot between color and clarity. In my experience the 610 is not a preamp that sounds good instantly, you have to dial in, but after a while messing with it the results are great!

My favorite applications for the 610 are vocals, acoustic guitars and bass.... That impedance switch really lets you dial in the sound you are after...