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-You seem to be lacking in SD condensers. (Get a matched pair)

Josephson C42's
Neumann Km84 or Km184
Schoeps SD
Oktava MK012

-I'd pretty much get the entire Beyer line. I am really impressed by their mics right now

2 Beyer M260's +re-ribboned by Stehphen Sank
1 Beyer M160
1 Beyer M201
1 Beyer M88 (which you have)
3 Beyer M69

-Then you need the Classic Dynamics

Sennheiser 441 (however many you can get)
Sennheiser 421 (ditto)
EV635a (get 2)
Shure SM-7

Then I would say you are set! Unfortunately I have a serious mic fetish though ( no not sexually you sick bastard)