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Old 17th May 2003
Digital performer help!!!!

I am currently recording the final guitar overdubs to an album, using a mac g3 and DP2.7. This setup has been very stable until this point, but last night I encountered a problem which made it unable to record these final tracks. Each song is up to about 22-23 tracks. When trying to record any signal last night, everything being sent to the computer sounded as though there was distortion all over it. My meters on my preamps, the 2408 analog ins and the audio monitor were all within normal limits and never did any signal trigger the red clip light, but everything had this digital distortion haze all over it. My latency was set to 1024 and my cue mix output was down to -12, so I have no idea what is causing this problem. I tried swapping mikes, cables, amps, guitars, preamps and the problem still ocurred. Any help would be extremely helpful. Thanks!!!!!!!!