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Thanks guys,
Shawn: I really like my lawsons. I have the full size solid state version which isnt made any more. Its often my go to mic for any application. It makes an amazing vocal mic which sits in the mix without any EQ ever, not quite as thick in the mids as an old neumann but thick enough especially paired with a manley pre. I love it on acoustic guitar with the low cut on, clean electric guitar amps have a sparkle that I havent duplicated. I used it just the other day to record a banjo that came out great with by just micing from a few feet away. Its best assett is that individual tracks sound great but they also seem to mix well without getting too thick or thin in the mix.

Littledog, I do have a 421 and have considered a 441, if I find a good deal on one... Im also occasionally a beta tester for Shure so Im hoping to score an sm7 one day. I do think Im lacking in the colorless small diaphram department. the old neumanns sound amazing but are far from flat. Ive long been thinking that a pair of dpa 4021's would be a nice way to round things out.

Thanks for your opinions. others?