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Old 17th May 2003
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There's always Coles or Royer ribbons?

Sennheiser 441?

And Sennheiser 421, EV RE-20, Shure SM7?

I plead ignorance about your particular small diaphragms. I love my Earthworks QTC omnis, and am planning on getting some Josephson C42 small cardioids. You may have those covered with your Neumann's, it's just that I've never used those so i don't know how they compare.

And then there's always the option of sending one of your current mics to Stephen Paul for a mod/upgrade?

But whether you should be spending more on an admittedly fine collection depends totally on the level of all your other gear (preamps, processing, console, monitors, software, converters, etc.), quality of your room acoustics, quality of your patchbays and cabling, and quality of your miscellaneous accessories (headphones, mic stands, etc.)

In my unfortunate case, it ALL needs a large influx of cash!!!