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Old 21st January 2010
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Track with a good outboard compressor. It will give you more flexibility in the long run to "experiment" with plugins. Get it sounding awesome when you record it, and then fine tune it (or squash the **** out of it) later to get it to fit in the mix. Why on earth would you want to record something that wasn't awesome? Yeah yeah, money, blah fvckity blah...

Great performances come with great musicians with great headphone mixes, which come from great signal paths. If you have to compress or eq the **** out of something during mix, you're not giving the artist what they need to make a great performance.

Oh, and if you're clipping your inputs, the singer either has the dynamic range of Pavarotti on crystal meth, your you're recording too hot. Turn the **** down. You said you have plugins, turn the **** up later.