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Class A Tube mic pre for under $400, with Jenson X

OK it isn't new but I thought I'd pass on my new find. Peavey has discontinued there TMP-1 single channel, class A all tube mic pre (tube on both input and output stage) high voltage. So I bought one for $160 from Medley Music in Phili. Called up Audio Upgrades and sent him the schematics I got from Peavey. He said the mic pre design is similar to the VMP2 and he could make it sound better. So I sent it to him and for $225 he put in Jenson input transformer and upgraded any caps with the high grade stuff. The results is one increadible (clean sounding) tube mic pre. The one negative is that the phantom is only 24 vt which means you have to crank up the gain for phantom powered mics and you can get a little noise (although not excessive by any means). Anyways, I use a tube mic which has it's own power supply so it doesn't matter to me. The pre holds it's own against other great mic pre's I've tried it beside GR NV, Vintech and others I've tried it along with. Has more high end then those models and is slightly cleaner but has a nice tube sweetness.