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Originally Posted by Billster
I really enjoy the outstandingly transparent production of the Aaron Neville Album "Warm your heart" and would be pleased to get some more information on the work on that album. Stereo imaging, depth and the overall dynamics is nothing short of stunning. What interests me in particular is :

- Is it recorded analog or digital ? To me it sounds digital in a very analog way
digital. started on a Mitsubishi X-850 and ended up on a 3348.
- How did you record the choir on "Louisiana 1927" ? Mics ? Setup ? It blends in such a beautiful manner with the other instruments and has a huge stereo width...
can't remember anything about it, least of all the mics. probably an M-S C-24 (w/0.7u capsules) with some flanking mics. i'd imagine we did this at Conway, either A or C. maybe Van Dyke Parks was helping with this one.
- What mic setup did you use on the drums ? Is it the tracking room that we hear on "Somewhere, Somebody" ? A terrific sound over all!
same mic setup that i've been talking about for years now - threads abound on the net.

- and of course one question that came up on GS recently : did you dive 24dB into compression on Aaron´s voice as well ? Please say no heh
no, Aaron doesn't require as much compression.
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