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Originally posted by TekMonki
oh, and a P.s. for you FF. .


So you're saying you like me and Reason then? How very sweet of you.
I feel I have miscommunicated. Let me try again:

Beginners may be welcome HERE, but if you are one, I do not welcome you. I do not welcome you warmly. I do not welcome you with open arms. I do not hold my hand out to assist you, you newbie worm, writhing in your muck of ignorance and arrogant delusion. Instead, I hope to shun you, to scorn you, to fart on your face, to make you drag your fat disgusting monkey carcass back to the primordial filth pool from whence ye came, charging forth blindly into our Eden with your tool of "Reason" held aloft like it were Prometheus's stolen fire. I hope to crush you, to grind you, to scrape the heel of my boot back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth OH YES YESS YESSSSSS until you are a no more than a mass of pussing jelly, the shape and demeanor and molecular makeup of which would be rightful for you. So turn away, sulkingly flee in your grimy wrath and do not taint our momments with your diseased abominable self illusion here anymore.