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sigh .... Tek .... stay calm and read all those posts again .... concentrate on the parts where people ARE trying to give you good advice. I do not think, and I'm sure plenty of us out here agree that you nore Reason are 'inferior' or however you might call it. For me, Reason is not a mixing environment. I work on a regular basis with a DJ that does all his preparing stuff in Reason. It's a pretty fancy programm its own style. But not for mixing. I don't ask you to agree with that ... hell mix all you like in Reason for all I care. I think I mentioned in my previous post that surely you can do some mixing in it ... so go ahead.

Now as for tips and techniques. Go through the archives and you'll see TONS of valuable mixing / recording / editing techniques out here. They surely will be of use to you too.

You are as welcome as any other person out here and I'm pretty sure that the reason we ALL hang out here is to learn from each other. Without a doubt we can also learn from you ... be it in the fact that I for one am allways interested in seeing other people grow in their capabilities. But if all you're going to do is bash whatever we say ... then don't expect much help from anybody out here.

Now temper yourself and stop acting like those bickering 12 year olds you mentioned in your last post.

Start experimenting with some of the things said here and report back with your findings.

Good luck