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Here for the gear

Thanks littledog, I really appreciate the help. That's a good start on what I was asking for.

dfegad As for the rest of you. . .

Oh, I don't know. Maybe 'cos they're interested in helping someone out? Yeah, yeah, I got the fact that you all are much more "talented and professional" than I (could you rub that in once more maybe, just 'cos it feels really good?).

I'm (almost) amused at the typical response so far that goes something like. . .
Originally posted by BigFish. . .
"Hi. This forum is for people way out of your league. I could offer to help you, but I won't 'cos I consider you waaaay below me with your silly little music software. Please make sure you know your place from now on and don't ask us for anymore help 'cos we just can't be bothered, lest we're feeling extra generous and should decide to throw you a meager little bone to gnaw on.

Oh. And cheers. Good luck with that whole learning thing. There's like some books and links out there somewhere.

P.s. Did we mention your software is absolutely inferior to the tools we use? Bwahahahahahaha. fuuck"
Sure the offer is there to provide information, but the initial response is thinly veiled condescension. What's that about?

Again, I appreciate your comments, and you're clearly right about this being the wrong forum. I hung out for a bit and read through a lot of stuff and it seemed like people were about helping here. I guess not though. Not unless you're (ahem) a "big fish" anyway. The problem with the other forums that you've alluded to, and there is a Reason dedicated forum, is that most of them seem to be the mental age of about twelve and would rather spend their time bickering about who has the bigger apparatus, be it digital or analog, than learning and teaching. There's a few helpful chaps here and there, but they're a bit hard to come by.

And the mixes I was talking about in particular were not "sound source" mixes done in some studio, but actual mixes straight out of Reason. Sure they're not straight-out-of-some-billion-dollar-studio sounding, but they sound pretty damn good nonetheless.

So, to me, the larger point is that you can learn to mix on Reason. Period. It may not be on the latest $50,000,000 desk with all the coolest tools, but in it's essence it's still bloody mixing. And you're totally right, why would you ever want to help out someone trying to learn the ropes? Silly me. So I guess I'm going back to my "little fish" tributary. Heaven forbid someone would want to help someone "inferior" out. Sorry for mucking up your pretty little (ooops, oops, BIG BIG) stream.