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Old 16th May 2003
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What mics am I missing?

Current mic collection is:
Lawson L47 x2
Neumann CMV563 w/m7 & mk55
Neumann UM 57
Neumann 691 body x 4 with Lots of small and large caps+ omnis
Stedman n90
Shure ksm 44
Rode NT1 x2
Cad E100
421 x2
Beyer m88
Audio technica 4041
Nakamichi cm300 x 3
Shure ksm137 x 2
57 & beta 57 x a bunch
Beta 52
EV 868
plenty of DI boxes

My first purchase is going to be a pair of beyer m160 mics since I dont have any ribbons. Is there anything else really lacking or should I move on to other gear lusts and be happy with this.

Any glaring omissions in the mic department?