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The most important tool is the largest video monitor you can get, AT LEAST 27". Otherwise you won't be able to see the necessary level of detail. Built in video in the computer is usually not good enough for film. Even then there will be rude surprises that will need to be fixed on the dubbing stage after you see the film projected.

A lot of people get a DVD of the work print burned with vertical Interval time code and play it on a DVD player locking their workstation to a split of the video. Another, slower, method is to have time code on one channel of the stereo audio and the work print sync audio on the other.

Before you begin, record the work print audio into your system and make sure you can play it back in perfect sync with the original coming from the DVD player or video deck. Bad sync on a work print is very common and you need to always test for this before you waste a LOT of time and money.