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f.f. has some good points, in that you might be better served asking the question in some of the forums that particulalry cater to entry-level users, like and harmony central.

But to try and answer one of your questions concerning EQ:

There have been many attempts to create charts or tables defining EQ ranges (like Y-Z hz is the range to cut for muddy sound, and W-X khz is the range for adding "air" etc.) but they are of limited value in practice. You really need to use your ears in each specific situation.

One common way is to create a radical boost with a fairly narrow Q and sweep it back and forth over a wide range of frequencies, noting the points where it makes the sound the "most ugly". Those frequencies then become good candidates to cut a bit. It is very important to make your final EQ decisions while listening to the track in context of the whole mix, NOT soloed. Otherwise one finds that you get a bunch of tracks that sound great by themselves, but sound like crap when combined together.

Most beginners have an overwhelming desire to boost highs and lows, and cut mids. (The "smiley-face" curve). If you do this on everything, the sum result can be a very hollow sounding mix. In addition, rather than boosting highs, one can get the equivalent result by cutting lows and mids while boosting the overall gain, resulting in the same net EQ but with less phasey-ness.

I know nothing about Reason, so I can't comment on any program-specific mixing tips.