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Old 26th November 2005
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as much as i hate to say it...

Originally Posted by Elliot Scheiner
I'd like to put my two cents in here because I still use analog. I'd also like to point out that George and I did a class at Berklee where we recorded Kathy Mattea to both 2" analog and pro tools. All of the students thought the analog sounded incredibly better. George agreed. I'm not saying that digital is bad but it is a trade off for convenience and ease of work. Analog does sound better to my ears and I will continue to use it as long as there's tape.
Els, i loved every minute of doing that thing together with you, but i'd have to say that judging analog to be "incredibly better" than dig seems like an overstatement. you're right...we did all agree that we liked what we heard off of analog.

it's important to note that after Elliot left i continued the session from the analog source.

but you know, Els, you may have to get used to digital as there are only so many lives left to tape's kind of used up 8 lives so far...