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Gearin PT to work to film....options?

My mission in our new room is to get geared up to take on smallish film projects, with the intention of growing into a "one stop shop" for indie's and maybe documentary stuff. The only experience I've had personally is as a muso on film sessions, jingles etc. I've never been the engineer guy on a film date or had to deal with he plethora of different formats/problems that I gather can come with the post world.

I'd appreciate a little input on the most effecticve ,economical soulution to get us started learning our way around the rig. I've taked some basic film production classes and understand a bit of the terminology but have yet to apply any.
we'll be soliciting a student film for a "freebie" to get our feet wet.

we have 2x's Mix plus rigs. one room wired for surround....we're set up for music only right now. don't own any efx library's or other Post specific software.

I'm aware of the AV option for PT but that's a bit out of our reach $$$right now....other options ?
We'd like to be able utilize a large flat screen TV that is available to us.
would one of you movie folks care to hold our hand through this process?