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firstly I think that there's better forums to post your question. I'm sure there's a lot of reason dedicated groups that will understand your work methods, composition and mixing approach better than this one.

GS is a very cool place to learn a lot, but a lot of "big fish" swim here (i'm not one of them ATM) and it's not the best place for guppies or minnows AKA "little fish" in terms of talent or equipment. A lot of these people work in big expensive rooms or are producers with big expensive collections of slutty gear. Whether you like it or not, Reason is considered to be newbie software and "pros" will be biased against it and you.

I'm not trying to fug on you, I'm telling you that you might get more help or find your desired mentor in a different place. This forum is after all, the "Hi-End" forum. What did you expect from people who use mic stands that cost more than your virtual studio? Why would a "Hi-End" engineer want to teach someone how to mix on vastly inferior platforms?

Regarding pro work done with Reason, most of that is recorded and mixed in other environments. In those situations, Reason is a sound generator.

Anyways, if you like, I can give you some links where you can do some research on how to make better mixes, and maybe a link or two to a forum that focuses on software music only.