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ok ... had a listen to it ....

Now except for OVER use or abuse of endless delay, which is a choice I suppose start by trying the following :

EQ the low end out of your delays. it will at least make them sound 'lighter'. and they won't weigh down on your mix like they do now. And don't make them feedback endlessly ... even a delay has to make room for something else at some point. Mixing is also about creating space for incoming sounds by moving other sound to the background. You have probably every level set from the very begining. Which can work fine in some cases but not in your case. Like I suspected with your Reason story ... It's tons of layers adding and adding turning it into a complete mess at the end. Make room as you add sounds by turning down other sounds or getting rid of them. A lot of your mixing problems can be found in your arrangements. But then again that's a matter of taste and who would I be to critisize your taste. But you asked for it so ....

And last but definately not least. I bet you allways have your speakers cranked up all the way right? Here's an old school mixing trick for you :

Turn your speakers WAY down and I do mean WAY down. Is everything still in balance the way you like it ???