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For me, I really and honestly used to love trance music, but it changed somewhere along the way. It became too formulaic and too predictable. Whereas trance used to be defined as music you could lose yourself in, it became defined by conventions like the hypersaw, the uplifting anthem, the ambient break. To me, music like this is closer to what trance is about:

(Btw, the full version of this song is just plain spectacular, but you can't find it on YT anymore.)

Music you can just close your eyes and lose track of reality to. Even Sasha's 'Xpander' is one of the most beautiful and memorable songs I've ever heard. Nothing so predictable as modern 'trance' has matched it. It's really more just pop music with faster rhythms, ambient breaks, and supersaws these days. Evidence: This weekend I picked up this 'Trance Anthems' CD to see if there was anything new out there and if I'd miss something great in trance. The CD has some stuff by Iio, Tiesto, ATB... lots of recognizable names associated with trance. The first track on there ended up being a Hillary Duff remix. 'Nuff said.

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I don't understand how it can be the most appreciated by individuals that vote for their favorite DJs worldwide and yest be most hated? Most hated by who? Obviously not the masses. If it were most hated then DJs with other music style would be top of that list.

Pendulum, Uberzone, Shy FX and a whole host of non trance and fundamentally different style are on that list, so people can vote for them too. This is where I come back to it can't possibly be most hated if it's consistently voted top of the ranks??
That's easy. Think about other genres of music like pop. You know lots of people that hate Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and the like, right? And yet they consistently sell a lot of records. Charts and poll results are picked by the people who cared enough to vote, not by any sort of real majority.