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I used to be into it from about 96 to 2000 ish. I used to love it and feel it was emotional music. The more commercial it got, the cheesier it got. It used to be mellow and bareric. I think the uninventive drum rolls and saws didn't help, and then the addition of crap vocals to tracks to sell more (Toca's Miracle etc.) didn't help. Trance just stopped making me feel anything, too much formulaic samey bs; the same reason I got sick of minimal. As something becomes more popular it is more open to music snob criticism but also over-saturation with everyone making formulaic crap and trying to cash in. I don't think the none stop onslaught of sell out anthems compilations by the likes of ministry is helping it's image. Melodic techno is what I like now, it's kind of has the emotive elements of trance but is much more subtle which makes more emotional impact on me for some reason. But as with almost everything...I get bored.