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Yeah, it's most definitely not a "by 2000 it was played-out" situation. It was played out long before then, if it ever wasn't played out. Really, wasn't it always considered an inferior variety of music to what was actually going down?
I know there are a variety of musical tastes, but anytime I hear some DJ on the radio talk about the upcoming trance or psy-trance set his guest DJ buddy is going to play, I always have an expectation of what it's going to be, it's always exactly what my expectation is, it's always the same as it's been for almost 20 years while a profusion of new genres have pushed electronic music to the point that there should be a global law against playing trance music, and it's always bad.
My connotation with trance is "trance lite." Weak sounds, weak sequencing, weak-mindedness...
I like what I have self-defined as trance - that is, truly trance-inducing music - but I think like most of us here with good taste, "true trance music" generally goes by any number of other genre categorizations.