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To the OP: Have you even heard Paul van Dyk's ****? It's the cheeziest **** in the trance scene. Paul van Dyk is a joke. Don't read too much into what he has to say. He has pretty much dissed on any popular DJ in his career

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Why is it this way? What happened in the dance music community over the last 8-10 years that made people despise this genres original given name. There are thousands of tracks out nowa days that could be by all musical accounts be labeled House, Techno, and Trance at the same time yet the later get's the bad rap.
It's because trance sells. Yes, there was ****load of drugs and weird costumes back in the day, but nowadays trance is pretty serious and broad. You have epic trance, uplifting trance, prog trance, psy trance, etc... that's why you see DJs like pual van dyk crying - because trance is getting more and more housy and house is getting more and more trancy. If you go back to the old skool trance tracks you'll **** your pants with the cheesyness and supersaws. Yet, because it was kinda underground it was cool.

Similar thing is happening with IDM nowadays. Back when there were no glitch plugins Autechre were considered gods, now that any kid can make glitchy sounds and be ae #2 it somehow not good or cool anymore. FFS Linkin Park uses a lot of glitchy sounds in their music.

The second thing is the nature of (close minded) people aka what I call "the grandpa effect". Most mature people will ALWAYS complain about the "good old days". Every metal, rock, rap, techno, trance etc... fanbase has people crying all the time about the good old days when they just started getting into music. What these idiots don't understand is that they were young and viewed the world with different eyes and also the music evolves through time. I was a huge rap fan back in the day and I kinda stopped listening to it when it hit mainstream. And everytime I hear some nigga whining about his girl through autotune on the radio and be proclaimed as the "rap's next big thing".... a piece of me dies

Also, I suspect many people here don't even know what trance really is. So here's a small collection of some of tunes I'm bangin a lot lately - that kinda show the variety I was talking about.

YouTube - Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Beggin' you (Armin van Buuren remix)
YouTube - First State feat. Elliot Johns - Your Own Way (Original Mix)
YouTube - Cosmic Gate - Not Enough Time (Club Mix)[HQ]
YouTube - Rank 1 - L.E.D. There Be Light (Official Video)

Also, it's funny that every year someone comes along and claims how trance is dying etc... Yet I have never ever seen any other DJ than a trance DJ sell out 20.000+ stadiums, the biggest events are trance oriented, the highest dj mag poll DJs are trance DJs, the biggest EDM radio shows are trance shows, etc...
It's like Tiesto once said; everyone claims trance is dying, yet whenever I go to a festival the biggest tent is the trance stage.