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ignatius is right. back in the day--techno, thats right: detroit, florida breaks, chichago house--had a feel, a soul. not saying it doesn't now. But the soul changed. Not better or worse. Music is so personal so this is just one long ass perspective:

the night life was different. raves were a flyer to some corner parking lot where some dude would hand out a map and then a drive to bfe where inside this warehouse where all kinds of f'd up people were getting their boogey on.

this got shut down after the 5.0 was contacted by the christian coalition. there were after parties at clubs around two, esp at the raves got shut down. The thing was, at the time, these were intimate affairs. Sort of, without waxing too nostalgically. Its hard to put the vibe into words, but there was this whole group of mutants attracted to the counter-culture aspect of the scene. The whole point was we were out having a good time AT THE SAME CLUB the drunk jocks were just groping their drunk cheerleader girlfriends to come one eileen not minutes before the lights went on. The music was not completely accessible--still fun, but there was a bit of an edge. The two scenes did not mix. The after party was weird, and people at the after party thought the pre-party scene was uncool. At least the areas I'm thinking of.

When euro trance really came up big was when the after hours night clubs started playing more accessible forms of electronic music as the main event, and not just in metropolitan areas. It seemed like in 1999 everyone was opening a club, everyone was a dj, and everyone had these nice records that were the complete opposite of the counter culture movement: popular.

So for anyone who remembers how bizarre the early 90s could be, really helter skelter stuff sometimes, the plastic sound stage of Dj flavor of the area was something completely different and thus, for me anyway bad.

One could argue there was always a formula and I was just getting old. And I am not one of those who say the new stuff is all crap. I do think 2001-2005 was a bit more miss then hit BUT I'm happy to report all is well in the universe again.