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Why does trance get such a bad rap?

Obviously just like anything it depends on where you go, but why is the overall opinion of trance going down the tubes as of late. Even one of the biggest DJs in the world has turned his back on the notion of "trance Music"......

Trance Energy 2009 Paul van Dyk interview on Vimeo

Interview with Paul Van Dyk......It's pretty funny. haha he says trance is cheesy **** nowa days and he's a Electronic music DJ. I couldn't agree more with his on the soul of the music but even the artists he names, John O'callaghan, John O'bir are almost totally consiered "Trance" producers.

So I do agree with him that the heart and soul of the music has changed since it first came out about but I think like anything, it's evolving. For the longest time I considered myself a trance DJ and producer but now I just stick to dance music or progressive dance producer because of the negative connotation being a trance DJ invokes.

Why is it this way? What happened in the dance music community over the last 8-10 years that made people despise this genres original given name. There are thousands of tracks out nowa days that could be by all musical accounts be labeled House, Techno, and Trance at the same time yet the later get's the bad rap.

Is it the association to warehouse parties with little 16 year old girls running around with butterfly wings on getting f***ed by the creepy 39 year old party favor consultant? In my mind it can't possibly be the music itself if the many top DJs in the world are consistently playing what the masses would consider to be trance music. Then what is it that cases the negative stigma? Just thinking out loud.

Cheers friends!