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hmmm ..... Tek, .... I read your post earlier and actually started a reply ... but then ended up not posting it because it felt wrong.

To be honest with you ... I don't realy know where to start. I don't have a clue of what your skills are and what your level is. How good or bad do your mixes sound ??

Trial and error would be my best possible reply for you now, as in mixing there are as many rules as there are no rules at all. Every song is a new mixing experience. Sure there are basic skills one has to master like knowing how to use basic tools like compression and eq. If you don't 'master' those tools there is no use in even considering to go to the next step. What is the next step for you ... I am completely clueless.

One thing though. The tools you use ARE important. To be honest with you I do think there is a difference between ProTools and Reason and I do think that spending thousands of $$ on high end equipment is necessary if you want to mix professionally. You mention Reason as your main mixing tool. How can you possibly expect me or anybody else to help you mix in Reason. As much as I think it is a perfectly usable programm I also think that it is completely useless as a mixing environment. Now don't go out spending thousands of $$ either because IMHO you would be throwing your money away right now. First you need to understand WHY reason isn't a mixing tool. Not a serious one anyhow.

On the other hand one has to use the tools at hand and I'm sure you can learn a lot from mixing within Reason.

Maybe what you need to do is go to the nearest available studio and ask a local engineer if he is willing to have a look at your mixes. Hopefully he can help you with some tips.

For now, if you would ask me what to do if your mix has too much bass ... my dumb answer would be ... take out some bass ... does that help you ... I don't think so. My best guess is that your mixes sound muddy too ... layering tons of unprocessed loops that come standard within reason will do that to your mix. Well ... try understanding what frequencies you need and which frequencies you don't. And get rid of the ones you don't need using eq.

In order to understand what is wrong with your mixes I would have to hear them and sit next to you while you're mixing. Only then I would be able to give you tips and maybe explain some of the techniques I use to try to make them sound better.

For now, the next logical level for you would be to understand that with reason alone ... you're limited .... VERY limited to say the least. And so are my solutions for helping you to create a better mix within reason.