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I have always said that I think the Line 6 Pod is the single biggest set back in recording quality in my life time and that the guitars just do not work in mixes. I have gone so far as to turn down some mix jobs where the guitars were cut with Pods or at least asked my manager to double my mix fee because of all the work that will go into trying to overcome how bad the Pod had screwed up the record. Lots of people think I am nuts, but it looks like I am not the only one:

Quote from Bob Clearmountain's web site <>

NO PODS IN THE RECORDING STUDIO!!!! Normally, I don't like to comment on how to record stuff, the general rule being "there are no rules". In this case, I'm making an exception as I've recently had to try to deal with guitar tracks recorded through The Pod (from Line 6). These are the most unmixable sounds I've ever encountered. I'd say they're probably fine for demos, but quite often demo tracks appear on final master recordings, then end up on my mixing table! Don't get me wrong, Line 6 makes some great products - I use Amp Farm all the time. I think the Pod is really for blasting your Strat, Les Paul or whatever through headphones so your mom/girlfriend/wife/bus driver doesn't get annoyed. PLEASE beg, borrow or steal a goddamn guitar amp!!

...and whatever you do, DON'T fall asleep next to one

I havent read any of the other posts in this thread, but i have to say i agree. I bought a POD Version 2 about a year ago because i read some people talking very highly about it... I used it for about an hour and decided it wasnt for me. Just didnt sound anywheree close ot a real amp.... and on top of that, it didnt even sound good in my opinion. Ive used DI guitar to get some crazy tones and effected guitar lines.. (I like Izotope Trash)....The POD, totally wasn't doing it for me.

It got returned real quick.....