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France could tax Google to subsidize music

France could tax Google to subsidize music | Media Maverick - CNET News

Finally people are figuring out that this mega electronic/computer companies is profiting from Music that its not theirs.

if ur submit your funny video of your cat scratching its balls using my music and youtube has an ad next to it, they are profiting from both our mediums! dont give a flying fuk if u dont care about your ball licking cat work of art but i do care about using my music w/o my permission/compensation and the medium enabler that its profiting and making it happen.

and still dont know how or why professional musicians cannot figure this stupid **** out.

if youtube/facebook/whatever is using your music then u should be able to sue them in court. and they should pay an amount that will make them check, (filter whatever its not problem ) content to not make it happen.

its the most fuking obvious thing but maybe its in such a big scale that people dont see it.. record companies dont wanna fight thier parent/umbrella companies.. etc