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I gave some good thought to the Focusrite ISA-828 with converters and it seems like some of the features are a bit superfluous given my situation. I don't know how much credence I should give to the switchable impedance function. Not to open up another can of worms, but if not the Lynx Aurora 8/FW as an interface then what? My original intention was to get an 8 channel preamp to pair up with an 8 channel converter. I figured since I want to spend the extra dollar on converters then it would be wise not to mess around with preamps. I'm going to be using a laptop running windows which is why the Aurora 8/FW seemed like a good bet. I guess my discussion of preamps is a double edged sword. Any other thoughts?
Yeah there's always a million options, so sorry for making things more complicated

You could for instance get the focusrite (with digital card) and an m-audio 2626. That way you have the onboard mixing of the 2626 for latency free monitoring, you'd also have 8 more channels of preamps and conversion built into the 2626 if you needed them at some stage, and you could even use pro tools if you wanted.

With this set up you would be attaching by ADAT, which as far as I know is limited to 48khz on the focusrite (I might be wrong). If you could find an AES interface you could get higher sample rates, but chances are you don't want to use them anyway.

The impedance control is great for ribbon mics, otherwise its not so important.

BTW. I use the Aurora 16 myself (and the 2626) so I'm not ratting on the Aurora, I was just thinking there might be a better way of achieving what you are trying to achieve. That said, there would be nothing wrong with the setups you originally proposed.