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Old 4th January 2010
Here for the gear

Talking Need advice recording a Jazz quartet!

I'll record a Jazz quartet (Drums, stand-up bass, Piano, Electric guitar) a week or two from now. I'll record in one BIG room, almost church-like acoustics, to 8 channels.
The band plays jazz from the 40's to the 60's. Bebop n' stuff...

I have the follwing mics:
2x AKG C414 B-ULS
2x SE Electronics sE4400A
2x SE Ekectronics sE4
2x Røde NT3
Røde NT2-A
Shure beta52

+other old and damaged dynamic/condenser mics

This is how I plan to place the mics:
I'll stereo mic the piano (steinway grand) with the C414's.
I'll use the sE4's as OH for the drums
The bass'll get an sE 4400A
The other sE4400A or the beta52 for the guitar amp.

Any other suggestions? What should I use the last channel for; maybe another drum mic or the room-mic?

Since the recording room is so large, I'm worried about getting to much room in the mics; especially froom the drum OH's. Do u guys have any special tips (except for close-micing n stuff) to prevent that?

This gear is rather new to me and I'm not a very experienced jazz-engineer... I'll be very grateful for all your answers! :-)