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Originally Posted by stevep
Hi George, I have a question about some older faders I cant find any info on them.
Since you built them I thought I would ask you.

I am looking for any info on the 166 GML moving fader.
can I still get parts?
what about the computer can it be upgraded or repaired if needed?

Anything you can tell me about these faders will help me

Thank you ,

hi Steve,

we never had a "166 moving fader", but there are still some repair parts out there for the fader itself. it's mostly a P&G design, and the wipers can be gotten from them.

the electronics has been a source of frustration and torment for some time now. it's a long story, but basically we implemented a massive upgrade to the system (with a networked, graphical front-ind) in 1994-1996 when it appeared that major sub-components were becoming obsolete. it was not cheap and was not embraced to the extent that we could stay in the automation business. we support those that bought the upgrade, we have no way of supporting those that didn't. in the interim, many of the original "Idris-based" systems were sold for cheap by dealers and others claiming that we supported the original system electronics (which we do not - because we can't), and folks were [i]outraged[i] that they had to pay huge dollars for support.

so, the answer is...we may be able to depending on what you need.