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THanks. The problem I had is to get an authorization for repair. Everytime I would call Marantz I would get the number for Denon customer service, which was down due to "location change" for two whole years. Marantz refused to help me directly, rerouting my call to the same answering machine message for Denon customer support. Yes, I had a horrible experience, especially since I went to the Denon customer service center in person and saw an empty office with unpainted drywall. My suggestion to you as a retailer is to accept returns on B-Stock items, because I never used the retailer in question ever again. Again this has nothing to do with SoundBroker, just B-Stock. Also, I didn't even know the item was B-Stock, the only indicator being a "B" at the end of the serial number. I was astonished at both the retailer and Marantz. To all you B-Stock lovers, make sure you understand your retailers B-Stock policies, and how they list B-Stock items in their inventory.