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Eh, I have bad experience with B-Stock. Particularly Denon and Marantz (same company). I was sent a broken item (it turned on, but no sound ran through it. The company I bought it from wouldn't take a return because it was B-stock, and Denon (Marantz) repair facility was "changing locations" for 2 whole years! Couldn't get a single arsehole on the phone until well after the warranty was up. THE OFFICIAL MARANTZ REPAIR FACILITY WAS ABOUT A HALF HOUR FROM MY HOUSE IN NJ, and there was nothing I could do. THEY TOTALLY BLEW THEIR CUSTOMERS OFF WHILE STILL MANUFACTURING AND SELLING GEAR! Needless to say, I recreated the copier scene from office space and moved on. BEWARE of Marantz! THEY SUCK! 2 YEARS WITHOUT A CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT!!! 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!
USED is better than B-STOCK!