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4" thick 703 will provide some bass absorption. Get 2'x4' panels and stack them up in the corners. Cover them with a porous fabric for aesthetics if you want. Try the old breathe through test. If you can breathe through the fabric it should be OK. Diffuse your ceiling and the angled wall/ceiling part with quality RPG diffusers. Do the mirror trick as stated above and apply more 4" thick 703 in those areas of the wall. Float them off the wall with 3" of wooden spacers. If you have money I highly recommed Ethan's Bass traps. Apply as many diffusers as possible behind you to diffuse the reflections. Get a ****load of 4" thick 703 or Ethan's traps. Membrane traps will only effectively work on certain frequencies and require the entire wall surface to be treated to be of use. Treat any corner you can your money on the good ****. Auralex stuff sucks. Don't waste your change. Look at their new diffusers....they're just like RPG's hemifuser. It's simply an acknowledgement that their diffuser designs just don't work. Get RPG's skylines and hemifusers....even if you can only afford a few at a time. They're reasonably priced and work really well. Ebay has some folks selling acoustical foam really cheap if you opt to go that route.
Thanks - Matt