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Originally Posted by SoZo
Can you tell me about tracking his guitars.
What mic's did you use.
What mic'ing technique did you use?
How loud was he playing his Plexi's?
What size room?
Were you involved with him getting his tone?
If so what guitars, amps, tubes, speakers, and pickups, were used?
Gibson with floyd, Marshall Plexi's Year?, 25's or 30's?, PAF gibson's or Dimarzio's?

As a guitarist and amp guru I look forward to any help capturing this type of Plexi sound. You did a great job BTW!

Thanks for your time!

i was not involved in the tracking of the Jouney record. pretty much those sounds came from Neil, who is a very intense, diligent musician (practicing 8 hours a day, every day when i was there with them)

that was done in a great studio, by the way: The Site in Marin. great, live room. fantastic support and wonderful vibe.

don't know about the guitar tech details...