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Here is the video that brought up my question:

YouTube - "Let's Go Crazy" #1

And here is the youtube entry about the case:

Let's Go Crazy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It sounds like what is and isn't "fair use" is still very open to debate. While I am not hoping to see a loophole here where you can upload a full version of any song provided a 2 year old is trying to dance to it, I think we need to get a better understanding of what is and isn't allowed and hold both sides accountable.

Mickey Mouse should have been put in the public domain by now - is it fair that they keep changing the rules?
thanks for that.

it's interesting that the publisher (universal), not the master rights holder (warner) had the video pulled. it's also interesting that the video is 29 seconds long, in which the music - is of poor audible quality, and you can hear people talking over it.

the line on this NOT being fair use is if YouTube profits from this video and Universal/Warner do not... that's really the issue as far as I'm concerned - who's making the money from whose property?

Once money starts changing hands - it's no longer fair use - that's what I would argue...this video clip has no embedded advertising, no annotations selling or referring to a product and no advertising present on the viewing page... sooooo...

these types of uses are going to become increasingly looked at as to where the lines are... I'm no fan of the EFF who are just as blindly delusional, extreme, arrogant and self righteous as the RIAA and the record labels - yin/yang I suppose...

as for mickey mouse - good question, I see both sides. if you inherited a business your family built, would you want the government to give it away?