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Originally Posted by redvelvetstudios View Post
violation of copyright.

...and as that is a WMG copyright master, I think it's highly unlikely you can even upload it - try it - put two minutes of "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince on a home video and try uploading it to YouTube - I'd lay odds it get's rejected before going live.

A friend put together a pre-viz sequence for a stunt/effects shot on an upcoming film - put a piece of WMG music to it (more/less randomly) - video got rejected and could not go live on YouTube due to copyright infringement on the audio...
Perhaps I'm not as informed as you are, so I'd appreciate a bit of education if you're willing to provide it.

If I'm having a barbecue with my family in my backyard, I'm legally allowed to play Prince. It makes the food taste better.

Last I heard, I'm allowed to have a video camera going, so when I'm old and retired I can fondly look back on how I used to play Prince at family barbecues.

If my two year old starts dancing for the camera, perfectly to the music, and it's the cutest and most brilliant thing I've ever seen, are you saying I'm not allowed to share it with anyone unless I wipe out the audio?

At what point does fair use end and copyright violation begin?