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The 451's seem to have kind of a hollow midrange (in a good way, often). Almost the opposite of say a SM57. Because of that they can often compliment a sm57 on elec guitars. Ive used them on acoustics too with some success. They have that open top end like the Earthworks but the transient response is much better on the Earthworks I think.

I have seen the AKG451's used on vocals. Once they sat about forehead level (or higher) and aimed down to capture a womans voice and body. They were never my first or second choice for vocals tho. I have seen them used in coincident pairs to mic overheads or even close mic acoustic instruments. I have seen them used on brass groups too, but I tried it once and went running for my TLM170 Neuman. They are exceedingly similar to the AKG 460's .