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but of course. in any case, if you liked the sound when u had one, im tellin' ya, u owe it to yourself to try playin MW when u have real-time control under your fingertips... wheeeew hiiiiii its a whole different ballgame..

love swithing the wavetables and filter/reso whilst performing... the grittines, the mayhem. or, classic stuff, like filter env instensity whilst it's doing a bass sequence a la XoX with its fast envelopes... deadly

@PeteJames: Remote SLmkII has the same SYSEX support as SL mkI had. as for setting up, its explained in the Novation manual. you setup a sysex string, and its min and max values per slider. ive read about it in SLmkI manual, but i haven't done it myself, as an Access programmer fell into my lap in the meantime, but its fairly known procedure on the Waldorf Users mailing list. many microwave users there. btw, if you have Waldorf synth, its not a bad place to be, for many reasons. great community.

what is also great about novations and other sysex-capable controllers, they double as programmers for any sysex-only old analogs too- like MKS80/MKS70/Matrix6/1000/MKS50 etc, if you happen to have one. so, for sdome of them, one can skip dropping cash for their respective (often costly) programmers like PG800, MPG80 etc..