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I have not spent enough time with Blofield or Largo, but between the mkI and the XT, Get the XT. They are cheap nowadays.

I had a Microwave mkI and I liked the sound, but editing it was a nightmare for me. I don't have a PC so I could not use a software editor and I was not spending $600 for a Access programer

as if Access controller is the only possible hardware editing solution?? WTF?? tutt

anything, i repeat, ANYTHING with SYSEX support works with microwave. Any Novation REMOTE model, the original ones, the Remote SL, the SL mkI etc etc, the ultra-cheap Behringer BCR etc.. and many others. resorting to computer editor when it is so damn cheap to edit it via hardware is just plain lazy.

i do have Access, but id doesn't even cover all MW parameters. otoh, a Novation Remote or Behringer can be set to cover ALL parameters, with 2 pages of its sliders/faders. there is even a pre-programmed template for Novations , on Waldorf User Group mailing list. or u can buy two dirt cheap berhingers if you need more simultaneous control for peanuts.

just think, if there was a microwave version with a keyboard, and a control panel full of knobs, im sure it would sell for over thousand euros today. you could never get it for so cheap as it is now. and you can have all this for a fraction of the price, cept in two separate boxes. big deal.

just wanted to address the continous whining about microwave being impossible to program.. on this thread and other silimar.. bcs its sooo hard to pay a hundred or two more to get a decent UI for sucha great synth..