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Not to say that the Blofeld wasn't fantastic, although a lot of the presets were high gain and sounded like they were clipping internally. It did soud very "spatial" and stereo wide compared to the MW.
i have XT and MW1, and played Blofeld several times in the store. if you put a MW into a quality delay/reverb/fx it will sound equally "spatial" and stereo wide. probably even better, bcs onboard FX on Blofeld aint that great. i'd use em live, as its handy, but in the studio i'd sure defeat the FX and replace with Lexicon or something.

second, for starters, Blofeld sounds the smoothest of the three, and is arguably closest to the VSTi or "ITB sound". its the only one that does nice smooth creamy wide pads. this is not in the MW/XT job description. XT is digital, but as already mentioned, there's nothing in VSTi world that sounds like it. it can get harsh and whacky but i like that a lot - it has its own signature, depth in programming, and great digi filters. MW is the grittiest but with comparably warm analog filters. agreed they are not on the same level as analog filters on old polyanalogs, but the magic that was synonimous with old PPGs, when you run a gritty 8-bit wavetable into an analog VCF/VCA... stilll happens. so its the next best thing than actually having an old PPG.

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If I had to choose one, I would take the MW1 on pure sound, it has the magic of a PPG, but then I do have to repair the MW every year, and I would definitely take the Blofeld for horsepower, size, controllability, value for money and design. If I didn't have the MW already, I would definitely get a Blofeld.
this is weird, never heard of problems with Microwaves before. i had two, and several frineds colleuges have em. never heard anyone had any issues. it was made in 1989 - 1992. its not a "vintage" board in a sense that old 70s analogs are, where ocassional maintenance is part of their existance.

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Why is that? I've done the battery and the EPROMs in mine, but not had anything actually broken. I do have a couple of mods planned for it though.
mods? never heard of mods on microwave? do tell, do tell

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One thing that you should keep in mind is that you are comparing three different synth engines here. I have not yet had a chance to try a Microwave 1, but from what I've heard, it's seems to be a more polite version of the PPG Wave, but with CEM filters instead of SSM, and stuffed in a 2u rack.
SSM2044 filters (which is a SSM integrated version of a 24dB "ladder" design) is only found in PPG Wave2.2 and Wave2.3 . the first one Wave2 had CEM3320 filters. so microwave sort-of sounds more like that one. tho later ver CEM "voice processors" (vcf/vca) found in MW are no match for 3320 and 3360s in Wave2.