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LOL i try to explane.

I hate the editing the modulation section on the q+ and the XT it's to slow.
The Largo invite you to make big modulation sounds thats really importend to me.

Ok the q+ and the xt have a lot of knobs but still i like 1 screen where every thing is on.

You can make Q and xt sounds with the Largo.
Only i miss the wavetable modulation on the Largo.

The analogue filter are nice on the q+ but i have problems with matching left right when i filter and the atack is so slow on the q+.

I like the sound of the largo, best plugin vst imo.

After all i use the Largo most of the time!.
Fair enough mate, editing menu's are something i've always avoided when buying gear. Do you think they sound as good as each other then, or is it just that the convenient editing is worth sacrificing sound? I notcie you said largo can't modulate the wavetables...surely that can't be right? Does that go for the blofeld as well?

I was wondering if the blofled sounds exactly the same as largo - are the only differences user wave tables (blofeld) and sub osc (largo)?