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U87 is overrated.

As we are doing a Musical Feature, I had stars comming in to sing. Needless to say, I rushed out to rent a U87. The first person came in. She's a woman with a deep voice. The U87 sounded incredible. I was sold.

Then came in the second singer. This was a woman with a more high pitched voice. The U87 sounded terrible. When I say terrible, I mean terrible. It gave me a shrieking sound. We tested a few microphones for this singer and settled foir the KSM-32 (which is a great microphone).

Then came a male singer. Again, the U87 gave me ear pain and was too harch. We wound up using the Neuman TLM 103 (which am I not a fan of).

Finally, another male singer came in. Same tests, same results. We finally used the KSM-32 on him as well.

Final score:
U87: 1
103: 1
KSM-32: 2

The U87 could not have gotten the job done. Only the KSM-32 would have been versatile enough to do everything. This said, the 103 sounded better on singer 3. The U87 sounded marvelous on only 1 singer out of 4.

I think the U87 is definitely overrated. It will only sound great on certain voices.