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Old 15th December 2009
Here for the gear

I had a MK220 for a trial recently, before this I had use MK012, MK101 (same capsule) ML53 (yes I'm an Oktava lover) I also use C414B-ULS, KSM141, ATM450, sE2200A.
I had use it for drum FOK, MS, guitar amp (had try each polar patern for this) and as an ambient mic in a very bright bath room for guitar and also vocals. After two days aof trial I give back the mic to the shop... 2 month later I bought it (the one I tried , same serial number)

There was two MK220 in this shop, the frequency charts were different mine is "in spec" when compared to the data on oktava web site the other was very irregular when looking at the frequency response sheet.

The mic is smooth and its sound is full but not dull. its not glassy as my 2200 (se electronics) and the proximity effect is usable (more than the C414 which I prefer for distant miking or thin sounding source)

My voice sound wonderful through this mic, really I had always hated my voice when recorded, that is not the case with this mike.

The comparison with the MK101 (same capsule) is surprising me. The MK101 is my "colored" mic, the one I use for dumb sounding harsh guitar amp, it roll of the highs in this application, but sound weird on voice / acoustic guitars (kind of a metal sound , may be a bad resonnance), with the MK220 it still a mellow sound but the highs are present but smooth and really pleasant to my hears.

On the guitar amp it sound very good (cleaner than a MK101) with more musicality than a C414, as expected figure of eight emphasised the low end but even when position closed to the speaker the sound wasn't dull or too bassy, it just sounded like a good ribbon microphone. Other patern sounds good too omni is lighter with more room and cardioid is in between (for the proximity effect only).

In bright harsh room this mike sounds good and still get a warm sound.

In front of a drum kit the whole spectrum is covered, even if I tend to prefer the C414 (which is an ace in this application) I have to say its a perfectly desirable sound. this microphone is perfect for drum room miking in FOK or MS

At 209 you can't go wrong IMO, but ask Natalia for the Omni (this will tell you about both capsules quality and matching), frequency charts and choose from it (keep an eye on the sensivity too, if you hesitate between two get the one that have the highest sensivity).

Don't hesitate to PM me with your email adress, I'll be glad to send you a picture of my frequency specs.