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Originally posted by vudoo
One of my favorite EQ and Pre for drums are the Daking stuff.
I do a lot of drum tracking for small record label and Film soundtracks and we ususally rent some Neve/API with a bunch of 550a. I tried out A LOT of other pre/EQ but was never fully satisfied compare to the Neve/API-550a set up...UNTIL i stumble across the Daking stuff ( thanks to Billy Ward...drummer for Joan Osborne ). I bought 8 of them and my drums has never sounded better.
One thing that i prefer about the Daking over the Neve is CONSISTENCY...even though old Neve are cool, they sound SO different from one module to another.
The Daking's always sound more like Neve eq's to me than API's (a totally different beast). Where are you using your Daking's on the kit? I'm thinking about checking them out again (it's been about a year since I touched one).