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No hats is just an incredible concept to me as I find that I usually have them to some extent on everything no matter what mic placement I use, I'm actually interested in how they achieve this!
If you're doing a mix that's going to get squashed down the line, find out what they're using and how they set it and strap it across your monitors and send them what's before it, shouldn't be too difficult.
Haven't been in the states since 94 so I don't know about all this, but I have a friend that has been the band's engineer (Space Hog, Phish etc..) and he said the most important thing for him was actually placing the mics and band on stage, after that it was pretty much hopeless.
All mics that don't interest the music should be closed!!!! There's no excuse for audience mics open during the tune, unless a tad will help, song starts, faders down, song about to end faders up
Here it's abysmal, almost everything in playback. There was a Yugoslavian artist who's also a filmmaker (Goran...?) who brought his Gypsy wedding/funeral band to play at San Remo (singer competition) and had to excuse himself after not being able to complete his guest appearance because they couldn't hear themselves and neither could anyone else and said he should of done it in playback like he was asked to. I've never seen such numbskullery as I've seen here. I don't know if it's nepotism or what. You probably have it much better over there.
A lot of those old programs were recordings of real concerts, bands with all of their own gear, surely taken from splits and whatnot. I can't see going on a guest spot as an artist and having someone condition the minds of other as to how I play, when I don't have usual quality of support for my performance, seems detrimental. I play Djembe, I don't need a PA, you wanna broadcast me open any mic that's close, you can hear me in the next village.