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Ideas for room acoustics - Mastering room

I've been looking over Ethan's DIY bass trap designs, and I trying to figure out what would be the best traps to go with would be. I am unsure of how tall to make them, and also what the best placement would be. My room will be used mainly for mastering, so I'm looking for the flatest response possible, and bass is hugely important.

I've included some rough sketches of the room at the bottom of this post. What would you guys do in this situation? Feel free to be as specific as possible, I want to get all the input I can. Would you use 703 fiberglass for bass traps or 705? I've seen a lot of people talk about 4" 703 panels, but Ethan's designs call for 1". Would there be a disadvantage to using 4" of 703, is this overkill?

It seems like the more I read on this subject, the more unsure I am of what I thought I knew, so if anyone can give some specific advice on what would be best for this type of room, I would really appreciate it.

Also, are there any specific problems I might encounter with the odd shape of the room? Is this shape typically better or worse for acoustics? It seems like there would be less parallel wall space, which sounds good, but does this room shape have it's own issues I should be aware of?
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